A new opportunity opens up for real estate agencies and financial intermediaries on the Slovak market in the form of individual investments in commercial real estate. The model, which has been reliably tested abroad and offers an interesting yield and relatively high security in the long term, is now also coming to us and represents a significant opportunity for the real estate business to expand into the unoccupied part of the market.

The pioneer of a new type of investment in commercial real estate in the Slovak Republic is the company Amigal Group SK, which has established a new investment product on individual investments in office space. It is characterized by a low level of risk and a guaranteed return of over 5% p. a., so roughly about three times higher than inflation, and is intended primarily for conservative investors. What is the novelty about and how does it work?

The opportunity

Most real estate agencies on the Slovak market offer the sale and rental of apartments, houses, land and rent offices. If an individual client is interested in investing in real estate, he is usually offered either for further lease, because the prices of commercial real estate fluctuate in completely different ways. There is an opportunity to expand the portfolio of investment offers for individuals, so this opportunity offers existing clients a new product or to address another possible group of customers. The opportunity is currently even more interesting due to the very low interest rates on mortgage loans, which stimulate the purchase not only of those interested in real estate for their own use, but also investors. And according to experience, investing in real estate in Bratislava is one of the guaranteed ways to secure yourself in the future.


Investment in offices is not a revolutionary product, it has been operating abroad for many years, but on the Slovak market it is a novelty that fills a certain gap in the offer and meets the conservative Slovak nature. According to statistics, about 88% of the population in the Slovak Republic lives in their own apartment or house, but in Bratislava, for example, 95% of companies are based in rented offices. Now comes the opportunity to invest in your own office units in administrative buildings. For entrepreneurs, it can mean the security of a permanent address, the elimination of the risk of increasing rents or termination of rent and, above all, reducing operating costs. For an investor, an office at an interesting address can be a permanent and secure source of income, as there will be many companies left that will continue to prefer a rental relationship for various reasons. The model works similarly to an apartment building with a community of unit owners. The company Amigal Group SK will search for and purchase a building suitable for division into separate office units, will carry out construction and legal division into separate units, including their registration in the real estate cadastre, and will arrange real estate management. Unlike typical commercial properties offered in the market, whose prices range in the tens or hundreds of millions, office prices start in ones of millions. They can also be financed with a mortgage, so that the product is available to a really wide range of potential applicants.


Why offer office investments? Because the most important thing for an investor is a certain return, carefree if possible, which real estate agents can now offer to their clients without shame. For brokers, this new product also means higher earnings for less work.

Prečo ponúkať investície do kancelárií? Pretože pre investora je najdôležitejší istý výnos, a to možno bezstarostný, ktorý teraz môžu realitní makléri bez zahanbenia svojim klientom ponúkať. Pre maklérov tento nový produkt tak isto znamená vyšší zárobok za menej práce. V porovnaní s prácnosťou a nákladnosťou predaja bytu vrátane opakovaných prehliadok, úprav zmlúv, právneho zastupovania, úschovy peňazí atď. nevyžaduje realizácie investície do kancelárií omnoho viac času a financií než jeden telefonát, pričom provízie sa môžu pohybovať v šesťmiestnych číslach.


The model offered by Amigal Group SK is focused on a specific market segment and thus complements other business activities rather than allowing only to focus on them. The board of real estate agents has already jumped on this, if not running, then definitely unstoppably starting train and is now making big returns from the comfort of the office. The cooperation takes place in such a way that the broker acquires a potential client and sells the contact to Amigal Group SK, which will ensure further steps, from a detailed acquaintance with the project and clarification of all investment circumstances to construction modifications according to specific requirements. Amigal Group SK cooperates with architects, designers and especially construction companies. There is also a legal representative who will answer and set up all the client’s questions and adjust the wording of the contract accordingly. Amigal Group SK takes care of the complete service that the buyer requires and pays all costs associated with this service.


Amigal Group SK provides extensive support to all cooperating real estate agents. It regularly informs them about news in the offer, sales status and other important facts. It provides them with all documents in printed and electronic form and supports their customers, e.g. advertising, consulting, etc. It also constantly evaluates feedback from brokers and clients and looks for ways to improve the offer and services, as well as new, more effective ways of promotion and arguments to convince hesitant investors.