In Bratislava, 95 % of companies is based in rented offices. However, more and more entrepreneurs are finding out the profitability of investing in their own office units in office buildings. This means securing a permanent address, eliminating the risk of rent increases or termination and, above all, reducing operating costs.

One of interesting addresses where you can now conveniently buy your own office is the building in Bratislava on Gunduličova street no. 8. The company Amigal Group SK has total of 2000 m² for the disposal here. Administrative building with 5 floors above ground and one underground floor is located in the center of Bratislava near Presidential palace with the possibility of parking in the courtyard of the building. It offers an excellent layout of office space.

The second interesting adress is building on Michalska street no. 18. This building is located right under Michael’s Gate, which is quiet location with great accessibility. Amigal Group SK, in this building with 5 floors above ground and 2 underground floors, offers 3300 m² of office spaces for sale and rent.

Spaces on each floor are divided in office spaces with possibility of conversion into smaller units. Which, together with 2 entrances to the building, 2 staircases and 2 elevators ensures real independence and autonomy. Offices can be divided or created into one large open space office space.

Interesting investment opportunity

In addition to setting up a company headquarters, entrepreneurs as well as individuals can procure office / commercial space for rent as a secure investment opportunity that does not lose value and can yield up to 8.5% per year. There is also no problem with its liquidity, because if the owner decides to sell his property again, he can offer it on the market as standard or sell it back to Amigal Group SK, which can also help you find a potential tenant and establish everything necessary. After that, the owner obtains rent from his property in the contractually guaranteed amount.

Why invest in offices?

The current financial market offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Typical investments include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives, commodities, art, precious stones and real estate. Real estate investments are generally considered to be safer, as their value usually does not fluctuate too much. Ownership of residential real estate (flats) usually yields about 3-4% p.a., for offices it usually doubles (8-9% p.a.).

Summary of the benefits of investing in offices:

  • low risk of declining investment value

  • Now is the right time to invest in real estate, prices are starting to rise

  • since 1993, the price of real estate has risen nine times on average

  • higher profitability than other types of real estate (apartments, land, etc.)

  • the return on the total investment is about half as short as for apartments

  • possibility of investment for legal and natural persons

  • a more favorable appreciation of the pension investment compared to pension funds

  • hedging funds against inflation

  • the loan repayment for the purchase of the office is usually lower than the rent